Yesterday @dthompson and I (mostly Dave) worked on "guix deploy" and got it to a nearly minimally working state

However, we're stuck on a weird issue involving (guile-)ssh. We could use help if you're interested in looking.


BTW, if this interests you and you're a student, maybe you'd like to work on "guix deploy" as a summer project? @dthompson and myself are interested in mentoring "guix deploy" and related tooling for GSoC this year.

Just think! You could spend your summer hacking lisp/scheme/guix/functional-distros/etc!

@cwebber @dthompson I'm very interested. I assume this is under GNU umbrella organization for GSoC and I should follow their guidelines for submitting proposals?

@jakob @cwebber yes, you would apply for this specific project under the GNU GSoC umbrella.

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