"Here get in contact with me over the fediverse"
"Is this a webfinger id"
"No it's my email address, email is the original federated social network amirite"

@cwebber I love the idea that your email address, webfinger acct, and XMPP handle could all be the same string "", even though the technology should also allow you to use different identifiers for each and connect them conveniently as you see fit.

@cwebber and one that also suffered from lack of nomadic identity imho.

@cwebber it does make me realise that we could repurpose email's support for + and - in the local-part for category filtering (if that's not already part of federation specs).
Imagine if you could opt-in or opt-out of just certain posts from people?
@ username@instance would subscribe to all my content
@ username+personal+security@instance would only subscribe to those filed under personal or security
@ username-shitposts@instance would subscribe to all, except filed as shitposts

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