At TPAC in 2017, someone asked me, what would I do if I could work on what I was really interested in and cared about? I sheepishly admitted that, well, I'd like to work on social networks as a distributed virtual world / game.

I thought I'd be laughed out of the room. Instead, it turned out that almost everyone I was working with had background in that space. Even the ocap stuff I'd been studying came largely from Electric Communities Habitat.

That gave me the courage to pursue .


In he connects Electric Community with E for capabilities. Do those have a direct connection? I'm wading thru the articles, haven't seen it yet, but I might have missed it or not gotten there yet. It's all interesting anyway, just curious about that angle...figure some direct connection probly exists....

@bhaugen E is the programming language that Electric Communities Habitat was written in. After EC(H) shut down, the E language survived and lived on as so you're absolutely right :)


@bhaugen This is one reason that I say that even if Spritely fails to deliver a game that people play, it will probably result in interesting and useful things, because historically that has been the case

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