Me: I don't understand why people aren't using the ActivityPub client to server part of the spec

Also me: The client to server paradigm (as opposed to p2p applications that have no client / server distinction) is at the root of the failure of the fediverse to take off and be resilient


but I mean if you aren't going to abandon the C2S paradigm why not use the AP C2S part of the spec

@cwebber mastodon and pleroma aren't doing it so there are no clients for it. i plan to implement it but priority's low (very)

I got my daughter to say, "Capt. Obvious, what is your superpower?" once and it's become a running joke. My superpower is answering rhetorical questions

In this case, the ecosystem is being driven by server developers who want their efforts centered in the application, so they build in protocols for thin clients

I think we'll have AP C2S with thick client designs and general purpose servers intended for self hosting, blurring the line between federation and p2p

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