Are you interested in how to bring secure, private, peer-to-peer distributable content to the fediverse that can survive nodes going down? I've finished writing the documentation for the Golem demo which explains how to do just that:

It also includes a running, workable demo which you can try yourself. Please do and let me know your thoughts!

I added a new "Encryption has a shelf life" section to the Caveats section of Golem's writeup. It's an important point I hadn't called out previously!

> Encryption has a shelf life. In general, secure ciphers from about 15 years ago aren’t secure today, so it’s possible that chunks that are currently only readable by intended recipients can eventually be read by anyone who gets their hands on them. [...]

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@cwebber I can highly recommend MC Frontalot's "Secrets from the future" for a near-perfect and entertaining musical performance of this argument. :)

@cwebber @raucao Gotcha. Certainly apropos. Was almost jealous of you getting to hear a lot of good music for the first time.

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