ActivityPub: Hi I'm literally being born because the former primary author of OStatus regretted not having private messages, let's make private messages the default addressing mechanism and public messages a special exception

*Years later, AP is a standard and widely adopted*

Popular meme: "Yeah well ActivityPub is nice and everything but it's too bad its only for public messages"

Me: ;_;

And before you reply, yeah ActivityPub in its default incarnation is "only as private as email", and that's not quite private enough when the default is mega-nodes, and I agree (self hosting helps).

There are also intentionally spaces left in the spec to allow for even more private interactions than that and I'm exploring it but damn if you read people talk about it you won't get the sense that it's email-like in its directedness

it literally even uses to/cc/bcc for crying out loud

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@cwebber So it's plausible that Mastodon could implement DMs?

@ill_logic Mastodon does have DMs, and they do use private addressing in this way

@ill_logic It's true that the interface does not make the way the addressing works clear though, because Mastodon has its own concept of addressing that's a bit abstracted from AP's (which look closer to email headers)

@cwebber Ah. I guess Tusky doesn't have it quite implemented. I'll look again when I'm at a laptop.

@cwebber Security user: "ActivityPub doesn't support end-to-end encryption so it truly doesn't support private messages".

Users: "Following more than one instance is hard. I'm leaving for a walled garden".

Admins: "TLS Certificates are hard. Ima gonna just let these expire".

Me: *sets computer on fire*.

@cwebber well, with no rules for encryption or signing, it's as useful for private messages as regular email.

@lain That's *literally* what I just said. My comment here is about the "it's public content only" stuff. I even just said "it's as private as email (which isn't good enough)".

I agree there's room for improvement by considering E2E support (though I think everyone running their own node over tor .onion services would be even better).

My comment is about the "it's public posts only" stuff tho

@cwebber The only way I can get private messages to work is on mobile with Tusky. Otherwise, it isn't a thing. Maybe the UI is too difficult to do on web?

@bamfic that's not an activitypub spec thing though (mastodon applications aren't even AP C2S clients)

@bamfic @cwebber I'm not sure I understand. What is it that isn't a thing on web?

@cwebber Don't worry, I'm on the team that thinks #ActivityPub should NOT have private messages! .D
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