<me> why is this space so fucking toxic sometimes though
<@rhiaro> because the social web is made by antisocial people


@cwebber @rhiaro I have a slightly different view that explains the toxic behavior in a more predictive way....

Social media rewards extreme and generally anti-social behavior. It rewards toxic activity. People get Likes and Boosts. They get "points" and the subsequent hormonal rewards for acting in ways that hurt and alienate. It's absolutely unhealthy. I think it's slowly starting to change, but it's very slow.

@emacsen @cwebber @rhiaro I've long thought we'd be better off if we had less information about boosts and stars. We would have less ability to measure and gamify and optimize. Instead, we could just talk to each other, inefficient as that might be.


@jamesvasile @emacsen @rhiaro A more web of trust'y fediverse might actually be more intimate in that way: less of an aim for "global" popularity; the only faves/shares you can see are the ones from the people you actually know

@cwebber @emacsen @rhiaro Maybe, but I think the immaturity of the current ecosystem is forcing people to talk to strangers right now (because their friends aren't all here) and that has some interesting effects too.

I mean, one thing we should definitely stop doing is displaying follower counts. Surely that's super toxic.

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