We're at about 44 people in on freenode and so far I think the community is fairly nice... if you're looking for more IRC channels to idle in, maybe join

@cwebber How does it compare to #discord servers? I've been semi-leery about discord, as over there they very rarely know how to administrate properly:

They'll give trolls a pass, but hand out warnings to those who contribute to the discussion. Almost as if maintaining a community were not the point on there.

@LWFlouisa I don't really have any experience with discord so it's hard for me to say

we... have a code of conduct? it hasn't been enforced yet, but if it's appropriate, it will be. my preference is to guide people towards being friendly and respectful communicators in general though

@cwebber The main thing that bugs me in some communities is little passive aggressive things: pretending like I didn't answer their question when I did, changing the subject, or shittier things like:

Being overly negative for negativity sake, like telling me not to go through the effort of inventing a fictional language, when I'm not forcing them to read my work.

Although generally I've found this less in programmer/free software circles. But web comic communities are awful about this.

But generally, I really don't see how such behaviors build toward community.

@cwebber Allright, idlin'. I usually don't listen to podcasts, but if the general banter in channel is nice, it's always a nice addition. :)

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