Now this looks promising re: "how could Guile have its equivalent of DrRacket?"

Guile Studio aims to build a simplified configuration of emacs aimed at the Guile + Emacs newcomer, kind of how like Spacemacs makes Emacs accessible for Vim users. I hope it works!

@cwebber I like seeing projects like this because Emac's greatest strength for experienced users is its biggest weakness for new users. I didn't feel like I got Emacs until I learned elisp and that is a hard sell.

@baturkey The tradegy of basically all free software. What makes it great for hackers and power users, also makes it hard to process for noobs and normies.


@drequivalent @baturkey @cwebber

Er, maybe?

There’s something to be said for a tool’s developers saying up front, “You will need to invest some time in learning how to use this effectively” and working toward better learning resources rather than trading power for ease of use.

@suetanvil you know what's best? Not trading anything at all.

"Having to learn to use the tool effectively" is not the same as "having to learn to use the tool at all".

Otherwise, it's Blender devs talk, rationalizing UI disasters which keep us all down.

@baturkey @cwebber

I skimmed the website, but what's the difference between Guile and Scheme?

@ross Lisp is a parenthetical family of langauges; Scheme is a family of Lisps; Guile is a Scheme.

I knew the first two, guess I never knew that there were many scheme implementations.

@ross From Wikipedia:

> Scheme has a diverse user base due to its compactness and elegance, but its minimalist philosophy has also caused wide divergence between practical implementations, so much that the Scheme Steering Committee calls it "the world's most unportable programming language" and "a family of dialects" rather than a single language. --

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