Hey, help me out... I want the Golem demo to be as understandable as possible. I know, I haven't written all the docs yet, but what's easier for you to read:

- All in one file, like this: gitlab.com/spritely/golem/blob
- Split into multiple files: gitlab.com/spritely/golem/tree

Pls let me know! Your feedback appreciated!

One file: +++
One file but if it gets too big multiple files: ++
Multiple files: ++

And yes, adding a README/documentation, ack :)


whether or not to split seems split, but I did know I was asking friends to help me paint this

@cwebber What about a README where each chapter/section is also a separate file that just is included in the main file?

@FiXato are you asking for literate programming? because it sounds like you're asking for literate programming ;)

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