Content creators in a decentralized/federated network shouldn't be punished for creating cool things. You already did something valuable by making something people want to see; the network should help you distribute it.

I guess this post may be interpreted multiple ways, and maybe all of them are valid! In this case, I'm talking about content authors paying for bandwidth :)

@cwebber mind if i inquire about the context? is the design of the network encouraging bad behavior? or are people just being mean?

@falgsc Nothing about people being mean in this case! It's actually more a post about protocol things than anything. This is part of the stuff I'm looking into with Spritely:

- how to have content be secure but survive the network going down
- how to allow the whole network to help with peer to peer distribution of that content

It's a post about the opportunities we have to make the fediverse much better for people running nodes!

@falgsc The "Golem" demo I wrote (and am currently documenting) *partly* shows how to do this

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