How is YouTube today?
- Absolutely outstanding
- Extremely good
- Very good
- Good
- Not good

Actual prompt on YT's website. There seem to be some items missing from this scale?

@cwebber where is the option for "Oh god, please stop recommending me alt-right videos because I clicked on a Jordan Peterson video by mistake?"

@cwebber I've started to use and like Alternate Tube Redirector Now YouTube doesn't bother me so much anymore :

@cwebber am British, don't really understand the top 3

@stardot @cwebber

It's easy. In Her Majesty's English, as spoken by her loyal subjects, superlatives are coding for negatives.


Absolutely outstanding = Egregiously monstrous
Extremely good = Terrible, but we don't want you to feel bad about it
Very good = You can tell we don't like it

@jankoekepan @cwebber AHH, I understand now. So you'd use these terms to qualify how they are excelling at being terrible.

@stardot @cwebber

In reality, most modern brits would go for the alternative approach: "Your website isn't bad. Really, it loads, you see things happening, all that part is all right. It's the complete nauseating sewage that spews forth from the computer like a tidal wave of fermenting dog sick and crab shells that makes me sob uncontrollably."

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