@kity @cwebber I've read your post and while I understand the intent, I have a really hard time figuring out how generic ActivityPub client could work and be useful.

In my mind, ActivityPub deals with the transport/data layer by providing a standard way to represent objects, activities and broacdcast those over the federation.

But how can a client implement a generic and meaningful UX for every server?

@kity @cwebber Sure, you could imagine writing a client that could post to both Plume, Mastodon and Pleroma servers, assuming they support C2S protocol.

But Plume supports Markdown, while Mastodon doesn't. I don't know for Pleroma but you get the idea.

How would the client know what the server support in terms of features?

@kity @cwebber also, projects handle different types of data.

Funkwhale and PeerTube instances deal with Audio and Video media, respectively, PixelFed with images, Mastodon and Pleroma with small-to-medium text, Plume and Write.as with long-form content, etc.

Do you think it's possible to provide a unique and comfortable experience for all those projects ?

@eliotberriot @kity@pl.kity.wtf I guess since that was the goal of MediaGoblin, I still hold onto that vision. It's also more true on platforms like Facebook and Google Plus (RIP) than it is on Twitter and some others.

@eliotberriot @kity@pl.kity.wtf I think if ActivityPub had launched with a more facebook-like flagship implementation rather than a twitter-like one, people would find this less surprising

@eliotberriot @kity@pl.kity.wtf You're right that some level of server feature discovery needs to be done though, and we haven't quite implemented how to do that. XMPP may be a source of inspiration there.

@eliotberriot @kity@pl.kity.wtf I also think that @emacsen is right that the "streams" activitypub property may be a way to help here

@cwebber @eliotberriot @kity

The big secret here is that I'd asked "everyone other than Chris" to answer the question at FOSDEM, it's because I'd already asked them this exact question on IRC a month before and they suggested using streams exactly in this way. The reason I didn't want Chris to answer was I was curious to knew what the implementers were thinking (and I already knew what Chris would be likely to say).

@emacsen @cwebber @eliotberriot @kity how would `streams` help with this? my understanding of streams was that they would be used a la Collections on Google+, for arbitrary subsets of your outbox. unless you mean creating a separate stream for each type of payload?


@trwnh @emacsen @eliotberriot @kity@pl.kity.wtf Yes, why can't each type of payload be one of those arbitrary subsets? :)

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@cwebber @emacsen @eliotberriot @kity your client would expect the server to have those streams already, which is not guaranteed. or it would need to create those streams itself. right? we're still assuming the server is like imap/smtp here so it'd be kind of like making folders/labels i guess?

@cwebber @emacsen @eliotberriot @kity it might even be possible to bridge email and activitypub with a generic server that speaks both protocols, huh?

@trwnh @emacsen @eliotberriot @kity@pl.kity.wtf Someone mentioned something like ActivityPub-ish design using ActivityStreams over SMTP at FOSDEM and I forget who it was or if it was real or a joke

@cwebber @emacsen @eliotberriot @kity i've joked about activitypub over smtp before but now i'm thinking this mad lad might actually do it

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