An interesting point by David Crossland in some after-hour conversation: GNU Info might seem crufty now, but when it came out, it was hot stuff. Remember that the web didn't exist yet in the 80s, so having a hypertext documentation system was awesome.

@cwebber It still is cool stuff! It's just so badly neglected that everyone looks for man pages first...

@cwebber I recall it pre-web and not with any fondness. I invariably wished for just a man page because navigation was so painful and tied to a particular editor and its learning curve.

@freakazoid @cwebber Weird, am I thinking of something else? I recall some hypertext doc system that I only ever read in emacs and being horribly frustrated by it.

@Halfjack @cwebber Emacs has a built-in info reader, but there's also a standalone reader.

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