@dthompson Thanks, I'm glad to hear it. I became worried that maybe it "shook up" the room too much (I think Pjotr said "yes, we were shaken") but the day after we had some really nice conversations reflecting on points raised in the talk about how to keep Guile moving forward. So I think overall that's good.

@cwebber I had heard about that before the video was uploaded, but upon watching it I didn't get shaken. maybe because of the forewarning, I don't know.

@dthompson Whew! I don't really like upsetting people so the more thinking and less upsetting it results in the better!

@cwebber it didn't come across as unintentionally mean to me at all. in some ways it sucks to acknowledge all of the ways in which Guile isn't great, but denial isn't healthy.

@dthompson And I do think it's getting better! Having Guix become Guile's package manager has helped :)

@cwebber One of my fears in using #Racket is that I might appear in web results as a person involved in organized racketeering.

@cwebber I enjoyed the candidness of your talk. I've been watching curiously for some time as you explore Racket, so it's nice to see a summary of your perspective now that you've worked with Racket for some time.

Guile's shortcomings aren't secret (and may not matter to many people---we know how that goes with smaller hacker communities). But they aren't often laid bare, and you've provoked some interesting conversation that I think we'll only benefit from. And you've balanced that with the very positive work that's being done with Guile.

So good talk, and I'd be interested to pick your brain on certain things in the future.
@cwebber Congratulations on your grant, btw, and I'm excited to see what work you do with Spritely. Thanks for the preview in the talk.

@mikegerwitz Yes it was nice that the timing worked out!

Now to document it so that other people can actually test it ;)

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