"We need you to set up a secure password. 10 maximum characters."

jfhc do these companies know what secure passwords or password managers are

@cwebber I'm wondering why more companies aren't using tokens? I know in govt there are some pretty weird requirements for things, but there are even free software/free hardware FIDO2 tokens now, as well as PGP keys that can be used for SSH sessions.

Not perfect, but a big step forward.

@cwebber big upgrade from the common "8 characters max"

"They can have one main password that they add a few letters to for each app"🤦‍♂️
Google's advice for teaching kids safe password practices:

@cwebber No kidding, and furthermore they often have hidden restrictions precluding all but a specific set of characters. Combine it all with the minimum length and complexity restrictions, and you end up with a very narrow range of possible passwords, and an even narrower range of ones likely to be used.

@keithzg @cwebber my favorite one of these i have encountered lately was even more obviously than usual built out of the constraints of the developers' limited grasp of regular expressions, and prohibited (among other things) non-contiguous characters in the range [0-9].

the worst offenders are almost invariably in the realm of banking/finance/credit, medical service providers, payroll/benefits, etc. which is to say: places some security would be kind of nice, really...

@keithzg @cwebber but it's cool because my bank shows me a picture of a kitten when i provider my user name. two factor auth, donchaknow.

@brennen @cwebber
Yeah it's hilarious but unsettling that my passphrase for my bank account is literally the least secure password for any account I have . . .

@cwebber Which is it? A secure password or a 10 char limit?

This is why I use random strings for my usernames. Weird that sites requiring short passwords allow long usernames.

I also use subaddressing for unique email addresses.

That site won't be any more secure, but the likely to be stolen credentials can't be used to break in anywhere else ...

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