And to wrap up an epic day of news, guess what? The demo for encrypted, p2p deliverable content federating over ActivityPub works:

I need to document it and update its packaging so it's easy to try out, but the core concept is delivered on! What a day, huh?

Apparently I decided to celebrate by spilling every drink in my vicinity, some of them onto my computer (it's ok!)

@cwebber I'm not a very technical person, but from what I understood... Is Golem an implementation of Spritely? Or are these separate projects?

@andycuccaro It's a good question, and I need to document it better. Since Spritely is so ambitious and is trying to prove how to do many things to improve the fediverse, instead of trying to do them all at once and ending up with vaporware, I am releasing many small artifacts/demos which each show off one or a few ideas on how we can change things. Then over time I will begin to collect them into a unified application. Does that make sense?

So Golem is one of those artifacts/demos!

@cwebber Thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense! So, one more question: what does Golem demoes? Or waht would you say are its features/applications?

@andycuccaro Another great question! You know how in the fediverse currently if a server goes down all its content goes down with it? Wouldn't it be cool if that didn't happen? Also wouldn't it be cool if a post got really popular that the whole fediverse could share the load of distributing the file? A peer to peer sharing network could help, but how to keep it private so only intended recipients can see? Golem demoes how to do that with ActivityPub in just 500 lines of Racket code!

@cwebber That sounds really awesome. I imagine like a sort of Peertube (p2p) + Osada (private content when needed) + IPFS (resilient content) thing, no? But built from the ground up, of course.

me: oh! its racket, i know racket. maybe i can read this code

your code: *calling a bunch of http / web helper libraries ive never seen before*

me, humbled: ah

@chr Well the nice thing is (aside from the magenc library, which is not fully "released" yet), all the libraries used are well documented :)

@chr wait a minute I did release magenc on the package manager and forgot about it

... ha

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