It's public now! Spritely (and myself) have been awarded a Samsung Stack Zero grant! I'm funded for the next two years to bring ActivityPub and the fediverse to the next level. Secure interactions, object capabilities, p2p content delivery, all that stuff!

That also includes attempting to bring federated social games to the fediverse but maybe not everyone cares about that one as much :)

From the article:

> Christopher Lemmer Webber is the co-editor and co-author of the now-ubiquitous ActivityPub protocol. While it provides a great framework for creating, updating, and deleting content across applications, it doesn’t provide any standardised mechanism for secure authorisation. With Spritely, Webber will work on extending the protocol in a backward-compatible manner, while at the same time building tools and applications that showcase its use.

Oh yeah and the whole thing is gonna be done in lisp/scheme/Racket!

Sorry parenthesis haters!!

I guess this would be a good time to mention on freenode, which currently is "population me" only.

Oh yeah, maybe you're like "WTF is this Spritely thing, I haven't heard of this before now...???"

Well I have talked about it a bit, but not enough... it's been in the planning stages for a while, and as of this week, starting to ramp up into the execution space. Read more here:

I'm very interested in social games, but still more interested in what you're working on to keep small instances from getting Slash-Dotted as the network of AP services grows 😂😎

@cwebber I'm really excited about the standard authorization part, especially if that includes standard authentication

like right now, if I want to talk to e.g. Pleroma, Mastodon, and Misskey, I either stick with publicly-accessible objects (current solution) or have to implement three separate login/auth systems, and that's a pain
@ninjawedding Are they going to make ActivityPub an actual standard at some point?

@cwebber the more standard scheme compatible the better I say.

@cwebber congratulations! you're gonna do some great things!

@cwebber Or on XMPP or Matrix. Go full federated with the announcement.

@cwebber (get ready for people calling you a paid bootlicker shill)

@cwebber please use keys. nested SSH sessions. whatever. do not use OAuth or things involving passwords or sending secrets around.

Please tell me that I correctly remember hearing "rebuilding the web of trust" in this context

@cwebber that is excellent news, congratulations!

I didn't know about this grant at all, kudos for Samsung are in order, it seems.

@cwebber CONGRATS! Really excited for you. And now that golem is released, I'm going to try to dig into it given the little I know of Racket. :)

@cwebber that's great! I don't know what else to add! Money is money is money!

@cwebber Congrats! Definitely keeping my eyes out as to what you'll be cranking out!

@cwebber congrats - i look forward to what comes out of this

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