@cwebber Wouldn't be surprising considering that they've already announced that they're shutting down Google+

@cwebber When was the last time they killed off a product? Oh yeah...

@cwebber I can't tell if it's good or bad. You need Google account to participate so it's kinda good if it dies out?

@cwebber my guess for some time has been: It's too painful for them to kill it outright, so they're letting it rot and encouraging the largest uses of resources to migrate.

@cwebber This wouldn't surprise me, since it's been humming along in that state of semi-neglect for some time now.

Unfortunately Yahoo Groups et al have also hit a similar state of mostly being unusable.

Let's not forget that, for many users, google groups started off life as a web frontend to usenet . Embrace, extend, and extinguish.

@trashheap @cwebber no problem, while Google may take HTTP groups down, I'm confident NNTP is not going to disappear any time soon, newgroups #Usenet community is unlikely on free text-only servers. Perhaps, in a decade or 2, no sooner shall die-hard users be replaced by the new generation grown amid Discord, Telegram, and social networks

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