Today at lunch a woman dropped by our table and said our conversation was really interesting, and we invited her to sit down and join us. We made a new friend.

It made me think... when I was very young, many of the friends I made were just people I walked up to (or the reverse) and said "would you like to be my friend?" For whatever reason, this is much harder to do as an adult, though I'm not sure it needs to be.

@cwebber as adults, most of the people already have enough friends if they didn't move to a new place in some time.

@cwebber That's what pubs are for. They are essentially playgrounds for adults.

@mansr I guess. I don't drink alcohol though...

It kind of bums me out that in general creating a social connection as an adult seems to require intoxication in many cultures.

@cwebber @mansr
My theory is that alcohol shuts down inhibitions like "it's not OK to talk to random strangers" or "I don't want to make a fool out of myself".
I haven't verified it empirically though (I don't drink alcohol either).

It's much easier to make friend when we were young isn't.

"Wanna be my friend" all it takes.

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