*plugs usb cable into ethernet jack* "why doesn't this work, why is this cable so loose"


@cwebber I once saw a guide to making a phone jack to USB connector. I have no idea how you'd get the computer to realize there was a USB port there, but it seemed a clever idea to get an extra USB port on old laptops.

They went further and hid a USB key behind the wall jack and used a phone cable to connect to it :D

@cwebber Did you know that you can kinda fit an RJ14/RJ25 plug into an Ethernet RJ45 jack?


@cwebber For me the scary one is plugging the DC20V plug into the ethernet port. I guess it's pretty safe but I'm never happy when it happens. #ThoseThatCan'tDoTeach

@Blort @cwebber USB, he needs to flip it over and plug it in again

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