@cwebber Perhaps syndication is the past and the future of the internet

I think it would be great if it made a comeback.

The unspoken idea that just because something technical was popular once and isn't anymore, therefore it's assumed to be intrinsically useless and obsolete, is so wrongheaded. Especially for tech that was edged out by huge toxic companies.

@cwebber Maybe in future is where you can pull in a bunch of syndicated stuff and display it in a user configurable way, like choosing different Conky themes. That would be similar to one of the original ideas for the web, where the data and its display were different things. The publisher didn't get to dictate how information appears on the users console.

@cwebber I read that this morning; if Vice had comments sections, I'd tell them how I read it.

RSS dies a lot, including many times before the Internet screamed for a year about Google Reader getting the ax...

@cwebber i personally like #Atom (feeled/syndication standard, not the text editor) since it delivers text only, no HTML nor styling. So it does as some said: gets what matters, so how it's displayed is up to the viewer. I like sources that provide the full content rather than the first few paragraphs.

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