I started the Libre Lounge numbering scheme at 00001 but @emacsen switched it to 001 and is probably right... if we make it to 1k episodes at 50 episodes a year, that would take 20 years

BUT on the upside I got @emacsen to commit to a "Chris Was Right" episode if we make it to episode 1k

@robey @cwebber @emacsen room for last minute extension?

001, 002, ..., 998, 999, A01, A02, ...

@robey @emacsen Using a non-base-10 numbering system... what do you think this is, Free as in Freedom??? (We wish we were as cool as FaiF, actually!)

@cwebber @emacsen a cool in-joke would be to follow episode 009 with 00a and seamlessly move into hex numbering without ever mentioning it ;)

@cwebber I thought we were counting the episodes in binary and look forward to our seventh final episode. 😉

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