proof of stake is kind of proof of plutocracy IMO?

but more or less the "those can afford to make money are the ones who do make money" thing happens in both proof of stake and proof of work so PoW has all the same problems as PoS plus very serious resource burn, so IMO you might as well do PoS...

I want to try Proof of Cooperation in the design I shared earlier. I'm mostly interested in turn based games, but now that used Antminers are flooding the market it would be fun to explore what kind of tick rates are possible and the energy requirements

Antminer S9, $2.19/ea. includes shipping:

Somebody send me a dozen 😂😂😂

You're right about PoW and PoS both perpetuating existing inequality. I don't see any intrinsic problem with Proof of Cooperation that isn't worse with everything else used for money. Why can't people test things, though? Run simulations (games) instead of handling money when the systems go live?

@AceNovo I'm not familiar with Proof of Cooperation, but I will read up on it!

@AceNovo I'm reading and I guess that means that PoC is a "democratically elected republic" approach?

I'm not sure it necessarily is more cooperative but it is a different "governance" structure for sure

@AceNovo I suspect it probably has the same kinds of advantages and perils that a democratically elected republic has that we have in the real world

but... how does the core group "campaign" to its users?

When you conduct social and economic experiments, you always have a small number of people, actively engaged, with low consequence. This never reproduces the threat profile to democratic governance, which is asymmetric attention

To see the effects of class and kyriarchy on processes, you need to simulate the passage of time and provide distraction. Of course I'm highly opinionated about how to do that 😎

The tl;dr is that CVNs are appointed in General Assembly. There's an algorithm to balance block signings among active CVNs. It doesn't scale to a job, let alone an enterprise, but it's a predictable amount. Someone with cheap electric access might make an incremental income of it, but it's more likely to be done altruistically

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