is there any term I hate more than "serverless"

glad to hear you're either abstaining from computers or (more questionably) are running things peer to peer

@valerauko I don't completely hate blockchain, it's a chain of blocks... though I do hate that nobody agrees on what the minimum of blockchain is that's not also just "merkle tree"

@cwebber as Nelson pointed out, if you run salesforce (“no software”) on serverless, you’ve finally achieved maximum computerlessness


> abstaining from computers

some folks do it for Lent, I hear

@cwebber I like this term because it gives me an opportunity to talk about mesh.

@cwebber there's no such thing as serverless, just other people's cgi-bin directories

@cwebber "full stack" is up there but not quite as bad

(unless of course it's used to mean "I know how to design my own PCB")

@technomancy @cwebber "full snack" is when you go so far overboard on nachos that you skip dinner

@cwebber AI? Blockchain? Industry 4.0? (The latter is quite specific to Germany)

@cwebber from previous bitter experience with "cloud" and "IoT", i knew as soon as i heard and loathed it that "serverless" would probably be a resounding memetic success and annoy me for years or decades to come.

@brennen @cwebber

You can't go offline from an in person meeting.

/me grumbles about business folk misappropriating a word.

@clacke ;)

It appears you have crashed. Attempting to power cycle by providing a beverage.

What do the business folk mean when they say "go offline"?

@clacke the phrase is "lets take (topic X, which is frequently a digression or tangent) offline" which means lets talk about it privately or with a smaller group later.

In my opinion the phrase "lets talk about X later" would work just as well

Oh! Interesting.

Next time respond: "Don't you mean off-list?" 😁

@cwebber you'd have a lot of fun down here at AWS re:invent...

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