This interactive comic on memorizing things is really something else

It might be something I could even do, since my life runs on index cards...

@cwebber wow, the css takes so long to load on that site I thought it might be broken!

@cwebber ignore pervious toot, it *is* broken. I've got blank spaces and blank cards where things either haven't been styled correctly (e.g. the first card you click has white text on a white card for me)

@cwebber right, but you probably have faster internet than me so it all loads in time ☺

@cwebber (i left the tab open and came back a while later to find it had loaded some images and suddenly i could read it)

@cwebber Anki, Duolingo, and Supermemo all use the spaced repetition method.

Have you heard of the Goldlist method? It's especially good if you're learning a language. It's based on the idea that the act of writing something down is an important part of remembering. Video:
Main site:

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