SocialCG call today, in about an hour
Not a ton on the agenda yet, but if you want to hear me ramble about what my next steps are re: that'll probably happen on the call

maybe I should say "if you want to hear a feeling-sick me ramble"...


@pho4cexa no but they are minuted in text form

I guess we could record them but that feels like a minor amount of work (Mumble does make it pretty easy I guess...) and we'd need to get consent from the group... I think not everyone who appears on the calls is comfortable with having their voices recorded.

@cwebber yeah, that's to be expected. i wouldn't push for it.

i'm casually interested, but setting aside a contiguous block of time for a "call" is very difficult. so i feel a bit of fomo

on the other hand, the call probably isn't intended for general-public participation. (right?) and if i had time to contribute in any significant way i'd probably have time to attend the call 🤷

i'll just keep reading your toots :)

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