Christopher Lemmer Webber

privacy is your local scope where you perform your local reasoning

maybe people who don't think privacy is important are okay with programming by only mutating global variables

@cwebber Honestly, this is why I reject most blockchain-tech: I consider a blockchain as a global variable.

Perfect!!! This is a very welcome and powerful analogy.

@cwebber but there's no such thing as a global variable. variables all have scope, even if that scope is one process or one computer. there's nothing in a normal programming environment that relates to strangers trying to enter your thought process from anywhere in the world.

@cwebber Exactly this. We’re talking about basic encapsulation here. Only, instead of intangible objects, we’re talking about the encapsulation of human beings; of personhood. That’s what we’re on the brink of losing if the fundamental technological infrastructures of our societies violate the integrity of personhood by default.

@cwebber (This is exactly what I’m trying to get across at the EU level. The main retort to surveillance capitalism from the traditional left that’s surfacing here replaces violation of human encapsulation by corporations with the same violation by the state (at the local or national levels; the current focus is at the city level). I think I got them to include it in this month’s Amsterdam initiative to reframe the digital single market. Integrity of personhood is nonnegotiable.)


"Amsterdam initiative"?

(I am not in Europe, and maybe out of touch in general..)

@cwebber I'm unsure that I'm completely following. Yes, there is to be expected a sense of privacy when in a, well, private location; however, there is also supposed to be a sense of privacy even while in public. Even by the natural human boundaries, this is deduced. Good example in the attached photo:

@shawneric I don't think that's in conflict with what I said. I was just relating how good programming practice, of letting your individual parts of your program "think about" what they want to think about on their own and share it as appropriate also applies to the design of a society.

Programming jumped by leaps and bounds by abandoning global variables + goto. Society is also leaps and bounds ahead in its function if we allow private scope to our people.

@cwebber Awesome, I'm glad that's cleared up for me :P lol I'm no coder, not one bit :D I'm just a Systems Admin. lol

@shawneric well even as a sysadmin, you can imagine how it's important for your server processes to not just expose all their memory to the outside world :)

@cwebber Oh absolutely, the fight and measures taken to preserve the sanctity of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is vast and extensive, very seriously taken. Privacy is critical, especially to a libertarian like myself. However, let's make note of laws such as GDRP and Article13. I as an American, though I may agree with the law itself, am quite turned off at another nation being able to impose critical and in some cases devestating laws on companies residing in the USA (i.e. google)

@cwebber I feel that the last comment I made is likely better suited for a different conversation entirely; however.

@cwebber functional programmers love privacy pass it on

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