Hey it's @cwebber, your quadruple threat Cassandra

- FOSS all the things
- federate all the things
- ocap all the things
- lisp all the things

I like "lisp all the things" part a lot. Maybe ActivityPunk could use S-expressions instead of JSON? ;)

@pfm *hides canonical s-expressions representation of linked data they've been working on behind their back*

@pfm I actually should probably just toss the canonical s-expressions representation of linked data stuff out there somwhere, it's so damn easy to write and use and also is a way simpler canonicalization algorithm than the rdf graph canonicalization algorithm (plus it preserves the tree shape, though that may make RDF nerds angery)

So... when do you plan to do that? ;)

I wonder how it would affect fediverse. There would be one more format / notation.

I'm curious - still you write something about that security model and community resilience you had in mind?

@pfm "CapabilityPub" writeup coming this week.

Probably I wouldn't ship data over-the-wire with the canonical s-exps representation unless a client asked for it with the HTTP Accept header, I'd just serve json-ld. It turns out the canonical s-exps approach is great for... canonicalization though.

@pfm As for when I'll write up the canonical s-exps thing, dunno... it's not hard, I'm just swamped.

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