dear 1998,

the year is 2018 and a combination of william gibson novels and the movie Hackers have more or less come to pass

dear 1998,

anti-capitalist loteks developed a genre of music that sounds like a broken radio in a rotting deadmall and honestly it's pretty cool

dear 1998,

most voting systems in the united states have been digitized though despite years and years of sounding infosec alarms they remain so hackable that we keep finding weird music files in their source code

dear 1998,

we have turned the internet into one of the largest repositories of human knowledge and expression in history but we have also paywalled the shit out of it. people have been killed attempting to liberate this data while other artifacts have been barred from distribution entirely because our legal systems can't decide who should profit from the works of the dead

dear 1998,

separatists have held secession referendums in what have been called illegal elections. they distributed voting materials over the darkweb which have since been labeled illegal numbers.

point of order: wtf is the darkweb besides a buzzword?

@garbados Any place on the internet that search engines don't index. So TOR, but also unlisted Facebook groups, certain types of forums, JSTOR, university databases....


@Canageek @garbados I've never heard JSTOR called the darkweb before but now any time I hear any academics using JSTOR I am absolutely gonna give them a shifty look and say "I see... browsing the darkweb, eh"

@Canageek @garbados also I fucking hate the term "darkweb" for like 10 different reasons

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