Well it took me a while because I am hot garbage, but 3 new implementation reports on -- go-fed,, and pleroma! Thanks for the submissions!


Nice to see. Pubstrate, Smilodon and though, are getting cut off on the right. Fixed width table issue? (Guessing...)

We can haz #Pixelfed there, too, @dansup ?

@cwebber @dansup

Ah, you kids with your fancy, new fangled web-features hiding on the bottom of your 12 page long screens... Back in my day, we had #Gopher! And we *liked it!* 😉


@Blort @dansup obviously the right answer is to remove the page width constraint and require everyone to have very wide monitors that increase in size as the implementation reports go up

@cwebber No! The answer is for everyone to shift back to using Gopher clients with text wrap turned on instead of this world, wide interweb thinggie.


@shibayashi @cwebber

I find that simultaneously both terrifying and hilarious.

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