a dream I just had, part 1 

<me> Professor, here is a video you should show the class, it is relevant to the topic and will enlighten everyone
<professor> Thanks I will play this based on your feedback alone because I trust you, this will be good
*it isn't*
*it turns out it is a Bad Anime Music Video and Chris's memory of its depth or relevance is inaccurate*
<me> *internally* maybe nobody will notice and will think this is smart
*they do, and it isn't*
<professor> how could u I trusted u

a dream I just had, part 2 

<me> I am so sorry, to make up for it please play this video next class, I promise it is not a Bad Anime Music Video
<professor> ok I will do it I trust u it will be good
* it is not good
* it is also a Bad Anime Music Video
<chris> *trying to save face* do you see the part where everything is deep and has meaning
<chris> this is really good you just have to be really smart so you can understand it right
* nobody is fooled

a dream I just had, part 3 

* scene changes to villain from the Bad Anime Music Videos, who is right outside of the building on campus
<villain> hahaha, it's the perfect cover, while chris is embarassed with the Bad Anime Music Video, we can get away with the Real Crimes
* scene pulls away to construction equipment digging up earth and burying the gold
<villain> burying all the golde.... right beneath their noses!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

*fade to black*

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