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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

this isn't quite an "illustration quine" but watching it evokes the feelings I have when looking at quines

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Heh. in Scots (or Doric), "quine" means "woman". I guess that's not what you meant :blobsmile:

@priryo, I think he means the philosopher called Quine who liked to make self-referential sentences.

As popularised by Douglas Hofstadter to illustrate how Kurt Gödel used them to make logic bombs that exploded David Hilbert's grand program and ruined Bertrand Russell's career as a logician.

Bonus comic strip:


But you probably knew that already, @priryo

Anyway, I learnt something new about Doric.


Nope, I knew almost none of that and will be checking it out when I can. Cheers!