so uh

if we don't do something about the environment we're all gonna die

just fyi

@cwebber as soon as we stop prioritizing profits over doing the right thing, that can totally happen.

@cwebber I think about it all the damn time. and despite all my personal steps to lower my carbon footprint, none of it really matters unless there's a huge systemic change.

just yesterday I was at the grocery store and the cashier mistook my reusable bags for the person in front of me, to which she said "no, I'm of an older generation. I use plastic bags". no one is going to change even the simplest thing unless we regulate to the point of serious disruption of our "normal" way of life.

@dthompson @cwebber

just this morning I listened to this radio show (in Italian)

it says that Trump's trade war is opening unexpected cracks for greenhouse gas emission reduction

The Chinese and the EU have started an integration program among their Emission Trading Systems

The Chinese are doing things in a grand style (about 3 billion tonns of CO2 per year)

@dthompson @cwebber

The fafct that EU moved early on the ETS is paying now: it paved the way

And the integration between the Chinese and European ETS is a huge success

The global trade policies are helping in overcoming the environmental dump that the Chinese could have been tempted to use

This also makes moving carbon intensive productions to more relaxed countries more diffficult

@dthompson @cwebber

the prices for permits to emission are going higher both in China and Europe, indicating that the pressure to reduce emissions is gonna be significant

I mean, I think we need some good news every now and then

@Vamp898 @cwebber I have an old, non-efficient heat, which sounds like it's running and can't be turned of.
Even now during summer

@cwebber We have most (all?) of the tools we need (bikes, veganism, recycling). Just need to get everyone to use them!

Saw an interesting non-lifestylism suggestion earlier: non-party campaign to ask candidates in swing seats how they'd vote on climate issues, then we campaign for the best of them, again, regardless of party:

@cwebber accurate. Pretty sure it’ll somehow include an actual tire fire, too.

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