the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

@cwebber this is totally unrealistic, though. Better to just teach kids to wrap computers in plastic bags and never touch them directly.

Oh yes to this. I actually try to teach my kid that computers is just something dad does for money.

Any enjoyment of programming nicely hidden away for after his bed time.

@cwebber Even if you never use Facebook, Facebook keeps a shadow profile of you. Even if you never set up your account with your bank's website, your bank still has your financial data stored in its database. Even if you never use the computers, your personal data could be leaked, hacked or stolen. Even if you never go online, your identity could be stolen by someone who does.

Even abstinence isn't strong enough protection for computers.

@nickwedig Sorry, let me type you this computer-message in complete seriousness that I believe that abstinence-only approaches to security are the right ones, and send that message to you over this computer network

@cwebber Are you the head of the Japanese government's cybersecurity strategy office?

@cwebber @SyrupSlushie imagine if this got boosted by all the people who would boost it but had already taken the advice sincerely and unironically

The only way to not get f'd by Facebook (or some others) is also abstinence.

@cwebber @jpaul If one does not use computers (yes, that includes smartphones) they just can't use facebook, and they're fine.
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