If we want to have computing freedom, we're going to need computers that are safe and don't lock us out. Having actually well designed architectures (x86 sure ain't it) would be nice too. RISC-V is a beam of hope: riscv.org/

- India is making progress on fabb'ing their own RISC-V chips fossbytes.com/linux-on-shakti-
- FOSDEM video on RISC-V fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event

Got other interesting RISC-V links?

@cwebber The CPU is dead. It's death has been forseeable as long as I've been in software, which is thirty-five years now. We've reached the physical limits of throughput on a single core.

The future has to be massively parallel; and any architecture which isn't designed for massive parallelism is industrial archaeology, not the future.


@simon_brooke a compromised massively parallel system is still a compromised system

@cwebber Oh, sure. But the point is, building a processor which doesn't have at least six peer-to-peer buses is yesterday's game. It has no place in tomorrow's.

The actual instruction set is a separate issue - although my preference is keep it simple.

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