Ooh, looks like there's a nice talk on Guix at DebConf this year debconf18.debconf.org/talks/99

Debian and Guix are both great and share many goals and I'd love to see both communities work together more <3

@cwebber I tried GuixSD but ran out of patience while trying to get things just so, so I'm thinking the #debuix approach may be better for me. Did that work okay for you?


@jboy It worked out quite well for me. It should work out even better with the new "guix pull" :)

As we're discussing on freenode's channel right now, it would be even better for Debian users if we got a Guix package package available so Debian folks could just apt-get install guix

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@cwebber oh hey, I'm lurking there... will take a look.

@notclacke @jboy It's a *heck* of a lot faster (though still takes like a minute to run), though I don't know the details... I think something's precompiled but I don't remember what :)

More info here... ish :) gnu.org/software/guix/blog/201

@notclacke @jboy As you know, a minute or two to run is much faster than guix pull *used* to be ;)

@cwebber @notclacke guix pull was a pretty reliable way to turn my thinkpad into an extra space heater

@cwebber @notclacke @jboy
GuixSD uses Shepherd rather than systemd, doesn't it?

Does that mean all the Gnome apps are unavailable?

@fitheach (but I've never used Gnome, so I don't know for sure)

KDE user?
Not a Gnome (Desktop) user myself but I do use some of the apps.

Tiling window managers aren't my thing, I prefer virtual desktops. Although, I suppose you could use both.

I've been a happy Xfce user, for years.

@jboy @cwebber @fitheach guix uses elogind, which is a fork of systemd with the init parts removed and only the logind parts (which is what gnome really depends on) remaining.

@notclacke @jboy @cwebber

Ah, OK. Thanks. The Wikipedia article states Shepherd was "inspired" by systemd which had given me a different impression.

@fitheach @notclacke @jboy Shepherd is wayyyy older than systemd I think? It was originally called "GNU DMD" (Daemon for Managing Daemons). Anyway systemd is not an inspiration.

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