@cwebber@octodon.social yeah... I've been trying to encrypt my dns traffic. Also i keep wondering if i set up a public network in my condo would anyone connect? And could it turn into a mesh?

@cwebber eh, seemed inevitable. With Netflix and Amazon getting into content the bigger players had to as well in order to compete.

Unless you were willing to break up those two with anti-trust actions this was the most fair.

@ted Erosion of net neutrality + ISPs also being content producers is pretty much a path to disaster

@cwebber that's one way to look at it, another would be that it provides more transparency and public battles. They're of course going to buoy their own brands, so we can see how that works with everyone else.

Reality is the worst case is when the large corporations get along and are advantaged to work together. Which is what happened when the cable companies and content providers were separate.

When we setup conditions where they fight among themselves we're better off.

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