Ah right... the Gregor package for Racket doesn't install on my system still due to Guix and Racket's package manager still not getting along :\

@cwebber I haven't said anything on the list, because I don't have a proper solution for you, and I knew I wouldn't be able to follow up with the proper research, and I had some reservations about whether I was on the right track, but I've been running into similar issues when struggling with Racket on Nix.

One thing you can try is to do what I do in installPhase in the racket2nix output:

$ raco pkg install --no-setup $install_names
$ raco setup --only --pkgs $setup_names

That only addresses one of the pitfalls, but it might be enough for your problem.


@clacke The former command runs, but the second appears to not be valid? Anyway, no matter if I use --no-setup or not I get paste.debian.net/1028472/

And I'm guessing it's related to the setup command not running right

@cwebber No, that just looks like you got further in the process to uncover a previously shadowed error. I'm guessing gregor hasn't been updated for a long time?
@cwebber Or hm, no that's internal to zoneinfo talking to itself. You're probably right, I just don't know enough to understand why.

@clacke It says something about windows which I'm not running, so my guess is that at setup time it makes come choice about the "platform" it's on, and since it didn't set up it can't do so?

@cwebber Sounds silly, but, hey, computers amirite.

I'm guessing it needs to load all code and then chooses some paths in runtime, but I haven't looked inside tzinfo.

It is my belief that what setup does is compile, generate and copy things, and any missing setup should only result in missing files, not a type mismatch or compilation phase mismatch or whatever this is. But I'm open for improved knowledge. :-)

"tzinfo" sounds a package that should be in use by a lot of other packages, and so shouldn't have obvious bugs.
@cwebber Issue #143 is solved, and with another small fix gregor-lib now Just Builds with racket2nix, which is on the one hand nice, but on the other hand doesn't help you solve your problem.

When I'm back in Hong Kong and have a more powerful computer, I will have a look at reproducing your issue in guix.
@cwebber A user-install, just raco pkg install gregor-lib, works without issues on NixOS. But you did have some things in your ~/.racket that you successfully installed there? Gregor is the first thing that makes trouble?

@clacke I had a bit of problems with another package before but I don't remember the details. Anyway, all the other packages, any time I try to compile I get a large number of warnings saying it's trying to compile to a read-only directory... example pasted in the mailing list thread. However, they work, just seem to run slower.

Gregor is the one example I have at the moment where things totally don't work.

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@cwebber I have the issue with it wanting to recompile things (and have a really dirty workaround for it), but that's because I'm doing the multiple installation scope thing and it's bad at finding the already compiled files, but you're just doing the normal raco pkg install thing to user scope, so I don't get why it's making trouble.

But I'll have a look next-next week.
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