@maloki I guess so. I didn't think of that when I posted it.

I can delete it and repost and don't mind doing so myself, but sometimes I wonder if that's rude to the people who reshared it and suddenly find that the post that they reshared disappears from their timelines? Maybe they thought the message was still there and now it isn't. What do you think?

@cwebber @maloki I don't find the interest of those who reshared it as valuable as your intention to delete a toot as its author.


@steko @maloki well my intention, or rather my desire, isn't to delete it, it's to update it. But given that I have no mechanism to do that I guess I'll delete and repost and wish I could have pressed edit.

@cwebber @steko @maloki As someone who has been in such a situation, callng the police seems like a betrayal of trust to me.

@cwebber @maloki I remember reading multiple times that editing/updating is a powerful tool for harassment, so while technically excellent it may be very problematic if possible?

@steko @maloki It can be. There's probably worth in having posts that have a latest version plus revision history, which has been discussed a few times.

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