Me, watching a professor in the one programming class I had in college: "They're using emacs but my god, they're using query search and replace for all occurrances in this document instead of just searching and replacing in the whole thing without a query and we have to sit here and watch it, aughhhh"

Me, today: "Well I don't want to accidentally replace anything in this document so I'm just going to query search and replace and then hold down the 'y' key to confirm"

@cwebber Non-interactive replace and then git diff to review and verify.

@liw yeah, I always git diff anyway before commit so I don't know why I'm doing this

It's so easy with emacs... C-x v =

@cwebber @liw forgive my ignorance but what's the benefit of doing it non-interactive and then checking the diff? Or were you joking?

@Maltimore @liw I'm pointing out that I'm being silly, so yes, I might as well have done that

@Maltimore @liw Though actually! In this case it was a bunch of data that I hadn't yet committed so I guess there's that

@cwebber I tend to use magit, so it's C-x g, and TAB on the right line.

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