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So I have an announcement. I sent an email to my work saying that I wanted to be able to focus on my work on taking advancing the federated social web to the next level. Read: better security / abuse resistance, richer interactions, virtual worlds.

How will I be funded to do this? I don't know. I do know that the state of the political world scares me enough that I feel I have to do this. If you want to support me:

Wish me luck. More updates soon.

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privacy is your local scope where you perform your local reasoning

maybe people who don't think privacy is important are okay with programming by only mutating global variables

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the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

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Hi! You may most likely know me as co-editor of ActivityPub, the decentralized social network message which is more-than-likely how you're actually receiving this message!

Other things you may want to know:

- I'm a user freedom activist (free software, free culture)
- I post a lot of leftie politics stuff
- Expect lots of tech posts around lisp, decentralized network stuff, obscure-ish programming history

jesus christ this post just rung my doorbell and punched me in the face when i answered

Has anything converted more users to emacs than org-mode in the last 1.5 decades?

Feeling kind of overwhelmed by the distributed programming stuff. I have it written in my notebook but even thumbing through it I get overwhelmed.

Time to break it down. Moving it into an org-mode tree.

A woman's stalker compromised her car's app, giving him the ability to track and immobilize it

Just discovered #Gancio! An event platform that (partially) supports #ActivityPub and is already being used!

There are already two instances! (Torino, Italy) (Firenze, Italy)

Project website:

Code repo:

That is to say, complicated to wrap my brain around at the initial stage. I think it shouldn't be complicated for users, but...

I've sketched out a bunch of stuff for Distributed Spritely Goblins into a notebook. Now starting to shape it into code placeholders.

This is probably at least as complicated than Goblins' core...

Hi. I suppose the next SocialCG call would be in 30 minutes but I forgot about it. Is there interest in hosting one this week?

We don't have planned topics, afaict.

Tired: Disney+
Wired: Undoing the fucking damage Disney has done to our culture, copyright, and the public domain.

Calling all Faifcast fans! Our Executive Director @o0karen0o and Distinguished Technologist Bkuhn are going to be doing a LIVE podcast this weekend at SeaGL. If you can get to Seattle, you'll get to see the magic in person.

My ETA is probably 2 months until distributed spritely goblins works

Today will probably be mostly spent reading, thinking, planning architectural designs for the distributed part of Spritely Goblins. Probably picking up and thumbing through Mark Miller's thesis again for inspiration and re-watching

Pushed a very small commit to Guix (updating Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup to the newest version), replied to some mailing lists. I have a bunch I need to do but I think today I'm going to spend mostly cleaning because I'm a bit out of it.

Amazon spent a fortune to block a socialist candidate's re-election to Seattle city council; she won anyway

Oh, there's a newish version of Crawl out. Guess I should update Guix.

Sounds like some nice gameplay updates.

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