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Christopher Allan Webber @cwebber

@deadsuperhero That becomes a bigger theme of exploration in DS9 and to a lesser extent Voyager (bigger at Voyager at the start, but kind of stops mattering quickly).

Wait! I just remembered that Vinge's The Snow Queen is based on Hans Christian Andersen's novella, The Snow Queen, which I *haven't* read. So I guess, now to read that... :)

The Summer Queen, the third in the series, took me an entire year to read. It's large, very dense, and sometimes emotionally difficult to go through, but it's also just a really large book... if it were the size of most paperbacks, I think it would be about 1200-1500 pages (the text is small and the pages large). But most especially it took me a long time because this year was so busy. Worth it though!

The last book in the series I finished in *two days*! What a contrast.

I finished Tangled Up in Blue, which is the last of Vinge's Snow Queen series. It was a prequel, which was interesting. Kind of surprising to see some of these characters again, *before* everything that happened in the other books...

Anyway, I really recommend that series. I'm kind of sad I'm done with it.

Having a lazy day today. Reading the last book in the Snow Queen series. Maybe I'll do some more Little MLer or Seasoned Schemer later tonight.

@cwebber It's more like goldfarming in an MMO where the resources you spend to farm gold cost you more than you earn from that spot.

Wait, is mining for bitcoins basically your computer grinding for XP

1970s: <noun>-beat
1980s: <noun>-rock
1990s: <noun>-hop
2000s: <noun>-core
2010s: <noun>-wave

Brother's wedding today was a delight; I was the best man.

I gave a speech about analyzing life through games, and it was really well received. Maybe if the bride and groom feel it wouldn't diminish the talk I'll post it to my blog or something.

Now to relax.

@maiki I agree with the article! I think clever delegitimization of nazis is super great. I was only saying that I think we should be careful to recognize that they are a legitimate *threat* if not taken care of... and I agree this is a good way to take care of it. Anyway I think I see what you meant then.

It can be hard still to communicate these things over microblags, even when we have > 140 chars as we do here :)

@mike GNU Icecat, but that's really just FireFox ESR. I know a couple people in on were also having trouble rendering a few days ago.

Looks like the source of the problem is maybe mod_display.js being wrapped in <script> tags, which isn't js? Dev console says:

SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'

@cwebber  might probably be more interested that red/hubzilla's actitivitypub is quite functional and has been for a while now and I've been trying like heck to find some site on Mastodon that isn't blocking me that might let me do some interop testing, but it appears I may be blocked from his and @Gargron 's mastodon (messages are consistently delivered to a black hole responding 'success') and he doesn't seem to read his email - or has blocked me there also.

I'm right fine at being blocked, but there has been a lot of implementation information flowing around and things we've learned which might help the next implementor which might warrant his attention. I don't know if this comment will get through either, but it appears that @paulfree14  isn't blocked so I'll take a gamble on it.

everything happens so much Show more

@paulfree14 Sometimes they work after multiple refreshes! Very strange.

@paulfree14 I can't see it.... for some reason Hubzilla's rendering is probabalistic here; I can only see ~50% of posts I'm linked to...

@mike Hm, I can't seem to render this message?

@puckipedia testing Mastodon against his own ActivityPub implementation

<puckipedia> it... it sent a message back and worked?
<Gargron> it worked as intended?
<puckipedia> yes!

@nightpool @amsomniac Yes, I do think he acknowledged it. I have a hard time seeing how they'll actively work towards changing that though; they have significant business motive to not do so. But we'll see?

Nice to see the acknowledgement, however...