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So I have an announcement. I sent an email to my work saying that I wanted to be able to focus on my work on taking advancing the federated social web to the next level. Read: better security / abuse resistance, richer interactions, virtual worlds.

How will I be funded to do this? I don't know. I do know that the state of the political world scares me enough that I feel I have to do this. If you want to support me:

Wish me luck. More updates soon.

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privacy is your local scope where you perform your local reasoning

maybe people who don't think privacy is important are okay with programming by only mutating global variables

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the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

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Hi! You may most likely know me as co-editor of ActivityPub, the decentralized social network message which is more-than-likely how you're actually receiving this message!

Other things you may want to know:

- I'm a user freedom activist (free software, free culture)
- I post a lot of leftie politics stuff
- Expect lots of tech posts around lisp, decentralized network stuff, obscure-ish programming history

@Blort @librelounge @emacsen @cwebber See

We even have a tongue-in-cheek graphic with an empty conference hall :) Pay-What-You-Can starting at $1.

Time to listen to the Metropolis (2001) soundtrack again

this is what it feels like to come across a debian wiki page saying something like "TODO: as of debian etch this no longer works, needs an update"

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Hey, in case you haven't noticed: society now nearly completely operates in a super networked way; COVID-19 accelerated that.

So working on user freedom issues (software, network, etc rights) has never mattered more. And there is much good we can do.

uspol, more positive this time 

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uspol, more positive this time 

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thx for the chat! one of the best conversations I've had precisely because it's so grounded.

If you care deeply about #privacy, you should listen - there is a thin silver lining, but it will take dedicated effort and organizing to weather the storm.


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@cwebber Perhaps in a cocktail...

I like those drinks where it tastes vaguely medicinal but I'm actually getting drunker :)

In this difficult to listen to episode, @emacsen and @cwebber interview @diggity to talk about COVID-19, the EARN-IT Act, and the Flatten the Curve Conference.

CW: This episode has dark themes and may be challenging for someone with depression

@cwebber They're less bitter if there's been enough rain, and also if you cover them up (don't smother them, just let them grow with water but no light). They get very pale and less bitter. Oh and also before they bloom they're less bitter.

Sauteed dandelion greens: turns out I like them, and they come "for free", right on our lawn. Made them in olive oil, salt, and a bit of maple syrup.

But the bitterness turns out to not be for everyone ;P

Historical context: This was posted just after the very first W3C SocialCG meeting. The SocialCG would in the end define the ActivityPub protocol, which is what enables the vibrant Fediverse we have today.
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