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Christopher Allan Webber

My conclusion from writing up part 1 of my series of short thingies about a federated MUD is that ActivityPub could *totally* be tweaked to be a MUD protocol.

@vfrmedia @cwebber @pony Some years ago users of a gaming site complained about the entropy so the administrator built this:

A DnD campaign where humans don't exist boost if you agree

from now on I'm only encrypting communication by pre-distributing large one time pads in person over a sneakernet and using those one at a time

"The arcade classics. Now playing on home computers everywhere."

lewd, star trek, lambdamoo, probably sexist Show more

lewd, star trek, lambdamoo, probably sexist Show more

@cwebber @kellerfuchs @CobaltVelvet Shout-out to probably my favorite published paper ever, "A Play on Regular Expressions":

I used that library once to crack the cipher state of badly-encrypted files where the plaintext had a nice regular structure. Each observed byte constrained the possible cipher states a little more, in ways that fit the semiring construction nicely.

Not gonna lie I kinda feel bad for the waitress in this club :(

Hacking ActivityPub's test suite from Club Dred

(Club Dred is in lambdamoo)

@er1n where there's a will, there's a garbage fire

I'd kind of like to take another hack-cation

Morse code Huffman tree. For some stupid reason, it never occurred to me that Morse code is a Huffman code. In retrospect, it seems obvious that David A. Huffman basically just generalised the concept.