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Anti-abuse tools which rely on centralized, wholesale surveillance, particularly when such a mechanism is the primary revenue model of that centralized system, can only get more and more abusive to users over time.

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You can support my work on advancing decentralized social networks at "FOSS & Crafts Studios":

A post explaining the rename:

It's still covering the same work I've been doing on decentralized social networks, but also is expanded a bit. It's a bit more obviously connected to the @fossandcrafts podcast, but also @mlemweb and I have various projects to advance FOSS & free culture we'd like to explore... so your support advances all of that!

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present is a function that consumes a stream of future and outputs a stream of past

unfortunately most of us are stuck with the imperative implementation

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privacy is your local scope where you perform your local reasoning

maybe people who don't think privacy is important are okay with programming by only mutating global variables

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Hi! You may most likely know me as co-editor of ActivityPub, the decentralized social network message which is more-than-likely how you're actually receiving this message!

Other things you may want to know:

- I'm a user freedom activist (free software, free culture)
- I post a lot of leftie politics stuff
- Expect lots of tech posts around lisp, decentralized network stuff, obscure-ish programming history

If anyone want to look into a cute and well made :doomLogoL::doomLogoR:​ game, look no further than "Rise of The Wool Ball" :blobCatHappy:

made a pull request for #freedoom that adjusts key graphics to be more colorblind friendly. red keys have a horizontal line on them, yellow keys a vertical line, and blue keys an X shape.

also adjusted skullkey icons to have horns and shapes like actual skull keys. #accessibility

Gonna spend my birthday playing board games, hanging out with friends in the yard! Seems ideal

My memory of Lisbon is especially "these people seem to have mistaken rocky cliffs for streets"

COVID-19 population level immunity estimate graph

Lists US population-level immunity close to 80%, and MA (my state) level immunity nearing 90%

That seems good at least?

It's been 4000 years since March 2020 feel old yet

python is the best programming language (it is the one i know)

About to speak at CC Global Summit with @mlemweb about "FOSS & Crafting the Commons" with @mlemweb about, unsurprisingly, @fossandcrafts!

Starting in 10 mins! See you there, I hope!

I remember when I was in high school, finding people who were into smarmy absurdist highly abstracted humor seemed like a rare thing

now that's the whole internet, that's what internet humor is

and quite frankly hell YEAH, get ON my lawn

@lanodan @be

internet?! more like interNOT!!!

just say no to interconnected networks, you have it on good authority this is a position I take

EFF's diceware page is great. For the next time you switch out your password/passphrase:

Today I learned about "smerge" in emacs. How did I not know about this earlier?

This video talks about smerge and ediff, btw:

From the Guix blog: What's In a Package?

A look into how Guix aims for reproducibility, how packages can make this easy or (in this case) difficult, and how we all stand to benefit from buildable-from-source systems and stand to lose from opaque box binary-only approaches.

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