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Christopher Allan Webber @cwebber

@KitRedgrave "This sounds like a plot funded by the deep pockets of BIG FEDERATION!"

"A mind is a simulation that simulates itself." Show more

This is my first status update on 😃 I'll be geeking out about Lisp related rubbish & some IRL nonsense, so don't mind me, thank you.😕

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I've been thinking of writing a blogpost: "Surviving the Worse is Better of metadata: JSON-LD as the Clojure of linked data"

@cemerick We should probably chat more anyway! Are you on xmpp or freenode?

@cemerick I'm not really a member of the Clojure world :) I was trying to get a Clojure repl up to head to a fairly introductory Clojure meetup because I'm new to it. I spend a lot of time in lisps, but not Clojure!

That, and I like to use Guix for stuff wherever possible.

(ps take that clojure is dying!!!!1)

So Guix has Clojure, and it has emacs-cider, but it has no way to connect to Clojure since nrepl isn't packaged. *uses inferior-lisp*

@yair Yup. Our first computer was a c64 and that was the command you had to enter to run nearly anything, so I would enter that after inserting a floppy to play a game. In my youth, it was always like some magic spell. Clearly there was power behind it. But what did it mean?

Thanks to the intarwebs, we can learn the meaning behind this magical incantation:

SocialCG weekly meeting time scheduled, thanks to everyone for their feedback! Calls will now be weekly on Wednesdays at 15:00 UTC. Next one is next Wednesday, May 31st, 15:00 UTC!

(We're skipping this week, since meeting on Wednesday would mean meeting tomorrow, and we just scheduled it..)

Add your agenda items, and see you there!

@cwebber You'd get a kick out of this, which I saw on a public chalkboard today.

I'm pretty sure it's not a joke??? Which makes it even more funny that there are people together with these initials...

@Elizafox The other hilarious thing about ST:TNG is we will probably cause our own extinction before we figure out faster than light travel!

@cwebber I'm still sore that ATASCII 155 isn't in common usage anymore. 😎

@craigmaloney sorry I couldn't hear you over the WHIRR-CHING of hitting enter on my teletype.

\r\n is such a weird historical artifact in these times...

@polymerwitch I assume that's when they send someone over to put them in your grill and light them. No help with flipping the burgers though.