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Deleted my previous post... Guix isn't *yet* approved as an Outreachy org (though hopefully it will be soon). That mailing list post was meant to recruit *mentors* from the Guix community... which is still important!

Chromium coming to Guix sometime in the next week?

Very few pieces of FOSS where I'm like "gosh I really wish this were packaged in Guix but it's too complicated for me to find time for to package myself" left any more!

Fun fact: you may know me in other contexts as "dustyweb". This is because there's a different Chris Webber / cwebber in FOSS who is not me.

Wow... I already thought "REPL driven development" was a nice way to write tests as just a natural side-effect of writing code, but rackunit and module+ make that experience the most natural workflow in the world. I'll never have untested code again (in Racket, at least).

Here's the (new) report describing how NSA is laying the groundwork to track people down through the microphones ar…

judginess about friendly radicals who aren’t here to defend themselves Show more

@cwebber @dthompson It wouldn't have been much of a problem were it not for fonts/fontconfig.

I took a pause on it yesterday, but I'll post what I come up with to the list in the next few days. It's been hours of research/strugging since I wasn't all that familiar with X11 fonts or fontconfig, nor am I all that familiar with the details of Guix. My solution is going to be a combination of a packaged font cache and a script to invoke `guix container`; ugly and rigid!

Hopefully Ludo or someone will be able to provide guidance on a better way, or come up with a general solution, including the option to either run in a container or a VM depending on isolation concerns. I'm not expecting Qubes-style isolation here, though. :)

(Typing this in IceCat running in the container right now.)

All these dual bay external drive enclosures support "offline cloning" at the "touch of a button"

But what if I want two separate drives and I don't want a big ol "destroy the other drive's data" button? (Granted it's for raid-1 so a clone would be recoverable.)

Looking at upgrading my backup setup.

Not sure how comfortable I feel with a hard drive branded as "surveillance drive"

An interesting thread on isolating the browser in a container on GuixSD

Thanks @mikegerwitz for starting this one!

You walk into starbucks, you find a macbook air user, you walk over to his table, and SLAM this down on it, and get to work

feels like a sprint or something broke in my chair cushion

RT three-banded armadillo, playing with his favorite toy