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Christopher Lemmer Webber

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Reality is an insecure computing substrate.

"[I]t emerged that they [Facebook researchers] had been conducting secret research on more than 6.4 million Australian youth as young as 14 years old to determine when they were at their most vulnerable, experiencing feelings of being “worthless” or a “failure” in order to better target them for advertisers"

We're also looking for volunteers! If you have prior programming or especially Racket/Scheme experience, you can help!

Morgan and I are doing another "Programmable Publishing: Digital Humanities for Everyone" workshop at the Boston Red Hat office, the Monday after LibrePlanet!

Learn Racket (programming basics) and Scribble (document authoring). No prior programming experience required... in fact, we're intentionally targeting academics who would *like to* program but currently don't.

Sounds fun? Sign up here:

@cwebber Right? I sent a couple bunnies to my sister last year for my nieces' Easter baskets, and I regret not wrapping them in gold foil first. (They would not have been disappointed, they both would make entire meals of bread and butter if allowed.)

"you've heard of the byzantine general's problem, now get ready for the roman general's problem of ha ha remember soon we'll all be dead including you"

> It'd probably be good to have an app that reminds you every once in a while, "You don't have time for all these things."
-- Evan Prodromou

Well I figured out enough about OpenDocument Format's design where I think I *could* write a Scribble exporter. (ODF is well designed!)

Finding time for it is another thing.

@loke @cwebber It only suggests they're at least being careful to not give any evidence that they're tracking you anyway.

since I try not to log into teh googs or keep session information around if I visit the frontpage of youtube I always see the "default recommendations" and it's always depressing clickbait which reduces my faith in the prospects of humanity's survival a little every time

well I died in Crawl

should I spend the rest of my evening:
- watching programming lectures
- closing my eyes and listening to podcasts
- doing some programming who am I kidding my brain is completely drained is quite the read, especially (for me), the parts concerning post-WW2 US reconstruction.

> For example, Birmingham, Alabama's interstate highway system attempted to maintain the racial boundaries that had been established by the city's 1926 racial zoning law.

All the "ghettos" I lived in were in the greater Birmingham area...

tfw you're interested in focusing a laser and search for "laser focus"

fuck off with your metaphors i'm trying to fix a literal laser

I'm also building the Racket package in Guix, which was broken, but we have a patch to fix it now (thanks to Matthew Flatt... though I helped a little!)

Well my package manager finished building. I guess I'm giving in and playing a roguelike.

I'm allowed to take a day kind of off once in a while right?