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Criticism is welcome, but remember to give constructive criticism, which includes consideration of how your criticism will affect the other person emotionally. The golden rule applies: how would you feel if you read the message was directed at you? It's hard for someone to constructively make use of criticism if receiving it is an emotional drain.

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Hi! You may most likely know me as co-editor of ActivityPub, the decentralized social network message which is more-than-likely how you're actually receiving this message!

Other things you may want to know:

- I'm a user freedom activist (free software, free culture)
- I post a lot of leftie politics stuff
- Expect lots of tech posts around lisp, decentralized network stuff, obscure-ish programming history

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Reality is an insecure computing substrate.

@cwebber @deadsuperhero @kibi Ahah good question ^^ I don't think we'll support other media types like music for example, because it adds a lot of extra work whereas other software do the job very well with with an interface adapted to the media (like Funkwhale for example). But since youtube launched youtube music, maybe we should develop peertube music too? :p

@deadsuperhero @cwebber

Point of order: MediaGoblin is older than ActivityPub, older than even.

I still remember when the guy on with the weird cute alien monster avatar said he was planning to write a better gallery application and I was thinking "yeah right, aren't we all".

Well, he sure showed me. <3

Sorry everyone. If you have ActivityPub questions or would like my input, again, I'm midway through the process of moving from the US midwest to US east coast... not a small process. Ping me next week, when I'll be responsive again.


we've reached that stage of packing

time to pack up my desk. going offline for a while, internet friendos

"That's enough fediverse for now, I should get some real work done."

> Closes tab on browser
> Opens Tusky on phone

@cwebber @aidalgol @kaniini trev's article provides some more context but yeah i agree with this account of things

with old mastos, i think probably 75% of the hate comes from negative associations from way back when pleroma was just a GS frontend and masto was limited to just m.s and our options were basically federate with people who hated us or don't federate at all. the fediverse has changed a lot since then…

We've got 3 new opportunities to join our team!

- Fundraising Director
- Project Manager for Network Projects
- Project Manager with Product Exp

These full-time positions can be performed remotely or from our office in Seattle.

@kaniini I suspect a lot of the hate for Pleroma comes from two sources:

- Historic "political division" between GNU Social and Mastodon as in terms of leftie vs alt-right (which wasn't even GNU Social's developers' doing or desire really), some folks from that space moving to Pleroma and thus to a lot of folks Pleroma being mentally branded that way
- @lain is the fediverse's class clown and recent events have lead many people to associate that kind of irreverent humor with undesirable stuff

(don't read too much into this, I'm just looking at a "new feature" on u-haul boxes and then started thinking about abstract geometry)

but can you make a superior geometric cube? The Market wants to know

I wish I had been smarter and had done something so I would have a sense of progress and knew when the last of these drives would be done wiping

At one of those times when it's clear just how much you and your partner rely on each other, and how much I'd be floundering without @mlemweb in my life

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uspol, detainment, coerced medication Show more

Forcing myself to take some of the binder clips off of some of these papers I printed out and throw them in the recycling so I'm not such a goddamn hoarder

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Golden nebula ✨💫i'm experimenting with new colors, hope you'll like it o/

@cwebber It warms my heart that there were enough weird kids like me who liked to hand assemble Z80 and 6502 machine code to POKE into their BASIC programmes that someone thought it was worth publishing this book 😊