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Christopher Allan Webber @cwebber

@mikegerwitz @ng0 I wish I could get a recent-ish phone that has a physical keyboard and runs Replicant! That would be ideal given all present circumstances.

trying to hold my brain together while refactoring this code

systemic bias, facebook Show more

@shel @Elizafox Some of them are good, but a lot are bad. The format definitely incentivizes "intellectual razzle-dazzle", as in trying to make the audience feel like they're very smart and elite over conveying information.

@natecull it has more than 4000 pixels! It has 8294400 of them!

... I'll see myself out...

@thor There's also a pretty simple supply-side market incentive to keep people eating more calories, whereas the number of calories humans need per day is fixed. So all our food and its marketing is built to encourage you to surpass that limit. No wonder sugar is in everything these days, when sugar's calories don't trigger satiation but further hunger...

@gargron prepare to get a flood of "uninstall it" replies

@nightpool The HuffPo article isn't great. The original post I reposted was worse though since it definitely was omitting context.

Again, I'm no Nestle defender. They've done some amazingly bad things. I'm just saying I went back and questioned the thing I reposted.

I think I speak for everyone when I say "I speak only for myself".

I reposted a piece about the Nestle CEO claiming that people don't have a right to water. But I noticed that I didn't know or trust the news source so I did some more digging.

I'm not going to praise Nestle, but I undid my reshare because it looks like it was taking things out of context.

#LibreMonday (barely in time)

#LMMS is a loop based, music composition tool. It features core functionality such as loop and piano roll editors, a mixer. It has full midi support, comes with a library of samples and demos, it has several built in plugins including synths, support for soundfonts, etc. LMMS works with Linux, Windows and Mac.

(@akien thanks for the excellent idea)

@akien Okay, I'm in!

Here's a hidden gem for video game authors: Dr Petter's sfxr.

8 bit video game sound effect generator! And it's free software. Also an interesting article about sound effect synthesis

Proposing a new #LibreMonday recurring #hashtag. Who's in?

The idea: #showcase free/libre and open source source (#FLOSS) projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us #Mastodon users discover hidden gems of the #FreeSoftware ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!

srfi-34 and srfi-35 condition system stuff is a nice way to handle errors. I like the combination of single inheritance and composite types, especially being able to define a composite type at raise-time. A good fit for exceptions.

Goxel is a nice #libre cross-platform editor for #voxel graphics (3D images formed of unitary cubes).

It can export to a variety of formats usable in game engines or other 3D #modelling tools, and can also be used just for the sake a producing nice pictures :)

Source code (GPL-3.0):

#LibreMonday #FOSS