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Christopher Lemmer Webber

Food was good, company was nice, and we did a test run with our non-programmer guest on our digital-humaniites-with-drracket workshop. All a success!

"Gosh Chris you seem a lot happier all the time now that you're not in the eternal ActivityPub standards crunch"


Soup is cooking in the pressure cooker
Guest is arriving soon
Life is good, friendos!

My really nicely insulated thermos means I am burning myself with hot tea, every day

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@rrix @staticsafe @wxcafe and the tragic thing is that we are all caught up between rock (telecoms) and a hard place (content behemoths), while governments mostly just smile and nod, trying to look like they know what's going on.

Or, actively censor shit, which is obviously even worse.

Nobody in this debate is on citizens' side.

Dear #InfoSec, we are cautiously looking for a security person. Red team/blue team welcome. Anybody interested, please ping us:

Racket really ought to ship pk by default though ;)

The immutable ones to the read syntax, of course.

If old mutable hashmaps still require the hashq-set and etc, that's fine, because they'll matter less.

The way to do it:

- add a immutable hashmaps to Guile
- have them do the right thing with hash-set/hash-ref (they should know what type they are)
- Add hashes to the *default* read syntax in Guile.

Probably the thing I think Racket does most right which is actionable in Guile: hashmaps.

- Immutable hashmaps included by default
- Immutable hashmaps are included in the read/write syntax, so there's no temptation to use an alist when it isn't appropriate
- No hash-ref vs hashq-ref vs hashv-ref! The hashmap knows what "type" it is. This is the source of many subtle errors in Guile, IME.

@craigmaloney @cwebber @technomancy @kingcons
I've joked that guix + emacs is an attempt to build a modern LISP machine.

I'm so excited to make alphabet-style-souuuup tonight

Just think of how much easier my life would be right now if I hadn't convinced @dthompson to use string keys instead of symbol keys in Guile's sjson

Holy cow:

"Early this morning (UTC) our systems detected a suspicious event where many prefixes for high profile destinations were being announced by an unused Russian Autonomous System.

Starting at 04:43 (UTC) 80 prefixes normally announced by organizations such Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitch, NTT Communications and Riot Games were now detected in the global BGP routing tables with an Origin AS of 39523 (DV-LINK-AS), out of Russia. "

#InfoSec #Networking

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current paper i'm reading

"High-precision modular microfluidics by micromilling of interlocking injection-molded blocks"


it's about making microfluidic systems out of lego

like, literally lego

#heckin #science