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your welcome

I bet I own more cables than anyone I know, and I hate cables

A very lossy experience is when I get a voice mail from a robot and my phone uses voice recognition to transpose it to text.

When is the last time you turned your keyboard over and rapped on it?

If you work remote I got two words for you: slow cooker

An instrumental song I made recently:

Feel free to remix or otherwise defile, sing/rap over it, or put it in your youtube video

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If I was going to invest $1B in a website that shows a single still photo at a time I would want it to work w/o js or at least fail gracefully

when i want to type myself, i type mysql, when i want to type mysql, i type myself

Humidity this morning was 4% @ 30f or a dew point of -33f

I have a weather station btw:

Them: don't wear sweat pants all day

Me: come and take them

People always trying to make remote work more like commuting to an office as if there is something more correct about commuting to an office.

What does it say about humanity that by many measures the most important directory on your average linux system is called "etc"

@brennen @mogwai_poet my first reaction to the question at this point would be: convince me you aren't going to poison the world with software.

Validating SSL certs against domain names is to make sure you gave money to at least 2 companies.

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Ops doesn't spend all day reading and comprehending your code.

Free idea: a jewel thief game called Jack Ruby

Is proprietary CPU design an evolutionary dead end? Time will (in)tell.