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your welcome

The essential lie of 2007: you can afford this house

The essential lie of 2018: the online ads are working

Nearly every new software I try is a long and confusing take on a shell script I don't want to write.

Even if you are a baby, "baby wipes" are ass wipes.

Drink every time they show a screenshot of twitter on the news

You don't want too much grace or you won't be able to stand.

There is literally no difference between acting happy and being happy

I would be hard to convince there is anywhere more thoroughly insulated from the poor than Colorado ski towns

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I don't think trending hashtags are a good idea, but if they are being added then have the trends limited to the current instance only. I think gnusocial does it that way.

That is, avoid creating global signals about multiple instances. Global signals will be used to cause disruption. They facilitate celebrity cults or the dogpiling of particular users. On Twitter we can see how this kind of thing works out.

In technology as in biology, loosely coupled systems are what tends to work. Global information tends to result in monoculture and allows a problem in one place to rapidly spread everywhere.

My least favorite impulse when someone goes to cover a song is, I think I'll make it super dramatic.

If I said jump and someone said how high I would think they were giving me a wise answer.

Why does your average consumer internet connection have a public IP exposed to the botnet hellscape?

I think I have uncovered the rationale for "apps" in 2018 and it is to get around your ad blocker

Got some motorcycle speakers for this solar powered stereo, 12v and weather proof, and had some bars sitting around, it sounds ok

I bet Whitman won a lot of arguments with that "I am multitudes" shit

Sometimes in order to right a wrong you have to do the opposite of the wrong even if that is also wrong

Good solar cooking weather, potatoes carrots and weed butter

I bet I own more cables than anyone I know, and I hate cables

A very lossy experience is when I get a voice mail from a robot and my phone uses voice recognition to transpose it to text.

When is the last time you turned your keyboard over and rapped on it?

If you work remote I got two words for you: slow cooker