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Daniel Curto-Millet @curtomil

”Practical GPL Compliance" by Armijn Hemel and Shane Coughlan @opendawn is the real thing. Some cool quotes in the back cover ;-) twitter.com/carlopiana/status/

@RyanLeesipes perhaps you could do hearings on open sourcing work places? Resistance to open source? Management issues? AFAIK these issues are only discussed when star Linux projects kick the bucket like Munich. But there are lots of other places that might be interesting to hear from.

@twistedonion what a good and beautiful point you just made. I miss London...

It would be great if mastodon could sort out federated toots by language. I like seeing toots from Japan, but not that I can't read.

Uhh first toot! Really liking that the community is moving here.

@danrabbit Free software and many open source projects have failed because of not hitting that last mile unfortunately. Design is a hard skill to learn.

Guys, Mastodon is not a corporation. It's an open source project. Features was develop by many user. So, if you want a feature, please kindly ask anyone who develop Mastodon. Stop complain and ask "Mastodon should have this and that".

Please kindly check the pictures below.

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