I sort had to admire the cheek of the β€œYou never give me your money” t-shirt sold alongside the latest Abbey Road remaster.

on libertarian youtube watching a hairy, fully nude obese man crawl into a shipping container to lay a clutch of eggs. now this is politics

I maintain that Elvis Crislington, Fireman Sam’s colleague, is the out-of-wedlock son of Shakin’ Stevens.

I thought Henry Winkler should play Michael Cohen, them remembered he already did on Arrested Development

I have literally dozens of saved articles about important matters that, once read, will make me a more insightful person with a keener understanding of the world and its works, so am I reading the oral history of Jersey Shore? Of course I am.

I’m taking my time building my Mastodon profile so it doesn’t end up as big of a mess as Twitter. (This is incidentally my third profile.) On the other hand, a mess may be preferable to a carefully cultivated echo chamber that supports my biases.

When I got my first smartphone, I installed an ebook reader and it was like having the future in my pocket. Then social media kicked into high gear and things … took a turn.


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