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The best part with mastodrama on my end is that I usually have literally not one single clue what people are talking about, like lately who this jovan chap is, I have no idea, and it turns out you can’t even google the guy. 🤷‍♀️

@ninjawedding buuuut, are you *absolutely certain* you don’t want to *at least* give it a go? Pleeease?? 😢

@gabek LinkedIn is hardly different than a school yearbook for old people 🤔

I’m not having the best time with on mobile. Every time I get immersed in the story, some « alternative gameplay » sequence begins and UGH! They’re terrible. I’ve wanted a skip button on almost all of them.

@rtwx moreover, password contains 8 letters so I don’t understand the problem 🤷‍♀️

fallen london posting 

@posadistprincess how intriguing... I used to be a sucker for browser gamers back I the day. I’ll try to wrap my mind around this one, I do like the aesthetic.

Not what you asked for initially in your toot, but if I get involved, I may message if you like.

history, Roman empire, joke 

@kimdanes it’s because they had their imperial backs

re: masto dev 

@Mainebot sure enough, people can fork and such, but those who have, have done so at great personal cost, and surely the vast majority of the user base (admins included) will have to live with whatever mainline mastodon offers them unless there is a straightforward and painless way of moving accounts over to other instances. It is right to point out to the competition, but as mastodon is the dominant software, it is legitimate to want to influence it meaningfully @CobaltVelvet @rey

re: masto dev 

@Mainebot what a read... I do agree that it’s not a good look to have this sort of open argument on the internet, however I have the feeling it’s more of a symptom of mastodon having outgrown the size of a niche project for which a unique and permanent decision maker is appropriate. Mastodon has millions of users, thousands of installs and dozens of devs actively working on either the main line or some fork. I think it’s a governance issue at play here. @CobaltVelvet @rey

@viciousviscosity the young woman was beaming as she claimed her victory, and the young man, well, was embarrassed, but we eventually all posed for a souvenir selfie.

I’m sure he’ll be fine 😉

@viciousviscosity a bunch of Iranian teenagers were looking at us intently, and after a while came to us asking a question: they had wagered on what nationality we were, and the loser now has to get a haircut of the winner’s choice 💇‍♀️

@jkb indeed, actually between quake and doom it seemed like a matter of preference :) but they did indeed coexist as *genre defining titles*

Remember how game genres used to be, not ARPG, but « diablo-like », not FPS but « quake-like », not RTS but « warcraft-like ».

The only one left standing nowadays is « roguelike », but had to sacrifice the hyphen.

Simpler times 🙄

@kingarmand after 5 years, my British coworkers can now apply for French citizenship, where all you have to do is swear profusely at anything or any situation and be understood.

British politics 

Of course May waits until June to resign 🙄

@dx there’s one chance in the whole multiverse it’ll end up exactly as it was before the command.

Hope still exists.

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