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@ninjawedding buuuut, are you *absolutely certain* you don’t want to *at least* give it a go? Pleeease?? 😢

@gabek LinkedIn is hardly different than a school yearbook for old people 🤔

I’m not having the best time with on mobile. Every time I get immersed in the story, some « alternative gameplay » sequence begins and UGH! They’re terrible. I’ve wanted a skip button on almost all of them.

@rtwx moreover, password contains 8 letters so I don’t understand the problem 🤷‍♀️

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re: masto dev 

re: masto dev 

@viciousviscosity the young woman was beaming as she claimed her victory, and the young man, well, was embarrassed, but we eventually all posed for a souvenir selfie.

I’m sure he’ll be fine 😉

@viciousviscosity a bunch of Iranian teenagers were looking at us intently, and after a while came to us asking a question: they had wagered on what nationality we were, and the loser now has to get a haircut of the winner’s choice 💇‍♀️

@jkb indeed, actually between quake and doom it seemed like a matter of preference :) but they did indeed coexist as *genre defining titles*

Remember how game genres used to be, not ARPG, but « diablo-like », not FPS but « quake-like », not RTS but « warcraft-like ».

The only one left standing nowadays is « roguelike », but had to sacrifice the hyphen.

Simpler times 🙄

@kingarmand after 5 years, my British coworkers can now apply for French citizenship, where all you have to do is swear profusely at anything or any situation and be understood.

British politics 

@dx there’s one chance in the whole multiverse it’ll end up exactly as it was before the command.

Hope still exists.

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