I’m not having the best time with on mobile. Every time I get immersed in the story, some « alternative gameplay » sequence begins and UGH! They’re terrible. I’ve wanted a skip button on almost all of them.

Remember how game genres used to be, not ARPG, but « diablo-like », not FPS but « quake-like », not RTS but « warcraft-like ».

The only one left standing nowadays is « roguelike », but had to sacrifice the hyphen.

Simpler times 🙄

I think I decidedly don't like the sneaky-sneak combat mechanic in Tomb Raider 2016...

Has this ever been a thing in previous titles (I've played no other TR except the original 3).

Played through main story, and sorry to disappoint, but I found the story to be boring and lame, and the characters stupid...

Gameplay is great though so it's not all bad, but I did have to force myself to power through the story missions to unlock zones and items.

If there is one thing in recent years that indie video game production has shown is that you should MOST DEFINITELY *at least* consider hiring a professional composer for the OST.
I know it’s not in everyone’s budget. But if it *could* fit, it’s worth a think, no?

Gore, blood, video game 


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