meta, eye contact 

Sometimes weird unsettling shit accounts pop up on the FTL, and I go see their followers to discover who from my instance is gracing everyone with it...

Cool, I can decide whether my privacy is important to some corpo...

Aaah my extensions are back. Good to see you again, loyal friends.

I stumbled (literally) upon the Rog Factory in

Good stuff. Also learnt about the mayor of Ljubljana. That's what you get for electing rich magnates in positions of administrative power.

The fate of the collective in the Rog Factory resonates as it is very much a Z.A.D. ("zone à défendre", zone to protect) like that one in France on the former site of the now defunct Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport.

Apple, Google, Amazon...

Garages: how are they still legal? 🤷‍♀️

Some of those foolish enough to sign up for the Mars 2025 mission may find this a tad too extreme.

Ugh, I'm not even close to getting to what I'm seeing with my mind's eye. I recently started learning vector graphics using Inkscape, and not being an artist, I struggle...

Oh Pocket, you silly deary, how should I care about your build system?


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