Remember how game genres used to be, not ARPG, but « diablo-like », not FPS but « quake-like », not RTS but « warcraft-like ».

The only one left standing nowadays is « roguelike », but had to sacrifice the hyphen.

Simpler times 🙄

@crowpersona I don't really remember quake-likes, but I sure do remember discussing doom-likes.

@jkb indeed, actually between quake and doom it seemed like a matter of preference :) but they did indeed coexist as *genre defining titles*

@crowpersona They did indeed, but I think another factor is important: back then there were fewer game releases each year, there was no need for broad categories to describe them.

It's funny that you mention "diablo-like", because Diablo is a rogue-like.

@crowpersona Those were great gaming days. We used the same expressions in my country.

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